Intuitive Perspectives for 2021

Intuitive Perspectives for 2021 (480)

In anticipation of Holy Days, Healing Days, and New Days of 2021, please join me for an evening of

  • What to expect in 2021: a collective, interdimensional experience
  • Important perspectives on the heart and soul of our journey: bridging worlds within and without
  • How to be intuitively prepared to:
    •  ground and heal
    •  define and attract abundance

During this evening, many volunteers receive Intuitive Readings regarding their essential gifts from Dr. Rowley.

Fee $75


Therese Rowley, Ph.D.

As a skilled intuitive, consultant, and thought leader, Dr. Rowley supports leaders making strategic decisions with intuitive data and deepens their access to intuition. Her work with Fortune 500 and smaller company leaders in facilitating large scale change in industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, market research, marketing/communications, real estate development, and financial services spans three decades.


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