Intuitively Reading and Healing in the Quantum Field

The Rowley Method (TRM) provides a comprehensive approach to intuitive development and self-discovery, grounded in a guiding philosophy that addresses life's profound questions. TRM honors the synergy between spirit and body, recognizing that our bodies serve as portals for intuitive data. Through intuitive development, TRM fosters dynamic balance and healing within ourselves and our relationships with others. Tools and exercises empower individuals to perceive, receive, and uncover revelations from invisible realms while building knowledge, understanding, and strength in intuitive intelligence.

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Let's Transform You and Your Business

By accessing inner wisdom through intuitive intelligence, I have facilitated business leaders' once-in-a-lifetime breakthroughs, helping them make powerful personal and strategic decisions that lead to conscious business cultures. Whether we start with intuitive readings, coaching or organization-wide transformation, I can help you navigate your most pressing challenges and find clarity in your most important decisions.

Learn how Dr. Rowley became a skilled intuitive who transforms lives through her intuitive readings, and how you can construct and transform your own map of reality.

“Therese has earned a sterling reputation for her intuitive readings… both personal and at the corporate level…. She brings a conscious perspective regarding the meaning and purpose of business choices in the world, which is, in a word, amazing.”

Caroline Myss
Five-time New York Times Bestselling Author


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