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The intuitive part of the brain does not work in the same way as the logical part. Intuitive data comes in the form of metaphor, image, symbol and story. The brain’s logical function is slower than the intuitive and “catches up” once it is provided sufficient data to meet its logical requirements. Dr. Rowley's Intuitive Coaching and Readings employ quantum physics theory to engage your energy remotely, and she facilitates healing and realignment through quantum entanglement. In the first chapter of Quantum Loveauthor Laura Berman, Ph.D., describes her Intuitive Reading and Healing with Dr. Rowley through the lens of Quantum Physics.

To book an appointment with Dr. Rowley, please review the option below. You will be sent to our scheduling and payment system when you select your choice.

Dr. Rowley delights in inspiring and engaging audiences and individual clients so that they walk away with new perspectives, stronger alignment, and tools that enhance self-awareness

Appointments available:
Monday - Friday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm CT

Intuitive Business Coaching 

Three or six-month coaching packages provide C-Suite professionals and organizational leaders with a trusted advisor who blends business strategy coaching, intuitive insight, and tailored, energetic practices to assure clients' personal alignment is maintained as leadership capacity increases and business success is achieved.

Clients who choose this service are committed to aligning personal and professional purpose; want to clarify decisions regarding strategy and best fit professional relationships; and/or seek to enhance their leadership capacity and capability.

Please book a 30-minute complimentary session to clarify your requirements and assure the best fit for your success.

This 60 or 90-minute session provides business professionals and leaders profound insight to support their most significant strategic choices - whether best business partners, candidate-to-job fit, client focus, strategic direction, internal political strategy or questions about alignment between work/business and personal objectives. Intuitive Business Readings provide intuitive data for greater confidence and peace in making challenging decisions.

90 min - Intuitive Business Reading - Virtual: $900

60 min - Intuitive Business Reading - Virtual: $600

Provides wisdom regarding multiple challenges, including "stuckness,"; overwhelm; the "why of your situation,"; the disentanglement of challenging personal relationships; or connection with those who have passed. This Session includes profound insight and healing; energetic alignment; release of fears and fear-based beliefs; and visualization that energetically embeds new, provocative, positive beliefs. (First-time clients are encouraged to start here)

90-min Personal Reading/Healing: $495

Addresses one or two significant challenges mentioned in the 90-min Reading, release fears, provides profound insight, wisdom, and healing, and facilitates energetic alignment.

60-min Personal Reading/Healing: $335

It addresses one or two straightforward questions and provides profound insight and clarity. (For repeat clients only.)

30-min Personal Reading/Healing: $180


Frequently Asked Questions

The intent of a Personal Intuitive Reading and Healings (Readings) is to bring the light and wisdom of your heart alive for you – especially in times of your deepest and most significant change…times when you might very well lose heart, lose power, or walk away from your life and yourself. Through Readings, these same moments become the passage to your next level of strength and power that leads you to shape a future that supports the self you were meant to express. 

Readings are especially helpful in times of significant change or choice points in life when you have questions about daunting challenges, relationships, dynamics, or direction.

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