A Higher Perspective of Trump and Transformation


We are changing paradigms, not just Presidents

Violence on the Capitol is an image that brings most of us to our knees – the lives lost, the damage inflicted, the intent to subvert the “voice of the people.” The division, duality and divisiveness; resistance begetting violence in the name of being “right.”

Historical atrocities occur when planetary transformation is afoot…and afoot it is, indeed. The Transformation Model include specific phases:

  • denial of the change that is inevitably unfolding
  • resistance to the change, its related consequences, and the price that must be paid to move on
  • chaos in the experience of “what we have known” that is dying, and what is to come that is not yet formulated
  • a critical mass of those involved in the change investing their energy toward commitment to shaping a new reality

The events of the past weeks are indicative of a metaphor: the final kicks of the chick wanting out of the egg. The chick’s legs have grown strong from resisting its current environment; an environment that represents both protection and limitation. The final kicks are experienced as violence, and the death of the old way of being – the eggshell is shattered and can never be restored to its old beauty and completeness. Then, there is the pain and fear of being thrust into a new, foreign world of possibilities, for which the chick may feel both unprepared and unsafe.

Recent actions aimed at disarming the current U.S. President represent those final kicks - the culmination of which is the release of a Paradigm of Domination. For centuries, this Paradigm has reigned: the man at the top has money and position power to overtake the will of those “beneath” him. Loyalty to him may be perceived as the only means to survival – political, economic, emotional and physical. In this paradigm, those who are ruled by “the man at the top” are less important and resourced, and their lives and livelihoods are subject to his whims and likes. He cavorts with like-minded Dominators, who also hold “executive power,” so that they can have their way, even beyond the law to which all the other people in the land are subject.

In the dictionary, the word “trump” means “the suit having the rank above the others in a particular hand.”

On the other side of this Domination Paradigm are revolts. The dictionary defines “revolt” as “an attempt to put an end to the authority of a person…” These revolts (also called “movements”) came from diverse groups: Women, Black Lives Matter, immigrants, Native Americans, climate advocates. Each of these revolts have grown in their own siloed way, with the intent of gaining access to power or changing the Paradigm of Domination.

It was only in the year 2020 when the extreme actions of the “man at the top” coalesced these movements to become one…so that they could add together their collective progress until it represented the critical mass necessary to kick the living daylights out of the eggshell.

That leaves us in the throes of this current phase of Chaos: not where we were - still cleaning up the mess from the broken eggshell - and not yet in the new reality. Violence and resistance still loom, yet we now know how to prepare for that. At the same time, we are compelled to both witness and participate in the unfolding of the new paradigm.

During this Chaos, there is another remarkable phenomenon: the new paradigm is showing itself through its leader’s name as well as the way we are clearing out the old.

A man named “Biden” assumes authority. The word “abide” is defined as: “to continue without fading or being lost.”

The final kicks of the old Paradigm originate from diverse (democratic) sources: large companies, banks, sports institutions, individual hackers, social media giants, federal and state governments, and finally from prominent members of the old regime. As each of these entities or individuals exercises their authority to disengage with the president who represents the Domination Paradigm, collectively, they dismantle the Paradigm and the support it needs to stay alive.

Thus, a new Paradigm is demonstrated. This Paradigm respects the power and authority of individual entities. When they do act collectively, they do it based on shared values – in this case, keeping their customers safe from unlawful or violent acts.

These are the partners in this historic transformation:

17 Social media companies and ecommerce sites, based in part on employee feedback, decide to take away the microphone, the message and the money platforms that give “the man in charge” the power to fund his work, get out his narrative and expand his audience.

Large companies, also based in part on employee feedback, decide to withhold campaign contributions to those who support the Domination Paradigm.

Banks break ties with the Paradigm leader, stating their loyalty to the voice/votes of the people in a democracy.

A security researcher downloads 70TBs of video/text information about those who planned violence to fight for and keep the Domination Paradigm in place. This researcher hands over this information to authorities who can hold fighters accountable and prevent further proliferation.

Everyday people and technologies help police locate those who violently fought to maintain the Domination Paradigm (and who did so by attempting to dominate lawmakers who were declaring the end of their Paradigm)

PGA of America, representing the sport closest to the pride of “the man in charge,” which pulled out of using his club for next year’s tournament.

The city of NY immediately cuts all contracts related to organizations that the leader owns, representing $17 million/year in revenue.

Voters decide to support a different path.

In this new paradigm, whose 50/50 split in the Senate requires that each side care about the other side’s agenda rather than having the votes to override the other without consideration. They will decide whether to convict Trump for his second impeachment which would assure that the Domination Paradigm in this form (Trump) could never hold public office again.

The Chaos phase is not without its tears and grief, as it recognizes the price we are paying for the transformation and even the letting go of what was good in the old paradigm. However, Chaos also means that committing our attention, intention, and resources toward a new kind of democratic paradigm can position us to co-create the new and better map of reality.

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Therese Rowley, Ph.D.

As a skilled intuitive, consultant, and thought leader, Dr. Rowley supports leaders making strategic decisions with intuitive data and deepens their access to intuition. Her work with Fortune 500 and smaller company leaders in facilitating large scale change in industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, market research, marketing/communications, real estate development, and financial services spans three decades.


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