Higher Perspectives

Thought leadership is what occurs to me when I tune into “what wants to happen?” inside a person’s deepest passion and fears; inside the soul of a business; inside the heart of society and what is emerging in the marketplace.


Election 2020: It’s Just One Thing

Dr. Rowley’s COVID Higher Perspective Update

Past Present - v1

Past Lives and Present Challenges

comparison to others

Comparing Yourself to Others

Your Body Tells the Truth - v1

Your Body Always Tells the Truth

living into your potential inside out job

Living into Your Potential is an Inside Out Job

A Tool to Move into Present TimeCover - v1

A Tool to Move into Present Time


Creating Matter

Spontaneous Reading - 4

Example of Spontaneous Reading: Too Loyal to my Work

Spontaneous Reading - 1

Example of Spontaneous Reading: Stuck, and Want a New Direction

Spontaneous Reading - 2

Example of Spontaneous Reading: Exhausted Care Giver

grounding in your power through challenge

Meditation: Grounding in Your Power in the Face of Challenge

ancestral energy and forgiveness

Meditation: Ancestral energy & Forgiveness

releasing resistance to dreams

Meditation: Releasing Resistance to Your Dreams

learning to trust yourself 2

Meditation: Learning to Trust Yourself

grounding in strength

Meditation: Grounding in Strength

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