Higher Perspectives

Thought leadership is what occurs to me when I tune into “what wants to happen?” inside a person’s deepest passion and fears; inside the soul of a business; inside the heart of society and what is emerging in the marketplace.

grounidng in your power

How to Ground in Your Power

staying strong in chaos

Strength in the Unknown

attracting the reality you want

Attracting the Reality You Want

Creativity in Difficulty-1

Creatively Responding to Challenge

Spontaneous Reading - 4

Example of Spontaneous Reading: Too Loyal to my Work

Spontaneous Reading - 1

Example of Spontaneous Reading: Stuck, and Want a New Direction

Spontaneous Reading - 2

Example of Spontaneous Reading: Exhausted Care Giver

grounding in your power through challenge

Meditation: Grounding in Your Power in the Face of Challenge

ancestral energy and forgiveness

Meditation: Ancestral energy & Forgiveness

releasing resistance to dreams

Meditation: Releasing Resistance to Your Dreams

learning to trust yourself 2

Meditation: Learning to Trust Yourself

grounding in strength

Meditation: Grounding in Strength

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