Subtle Movement and Intuitive Skills:

Preparing for Warmer Holiday Experiences


During this season of giving, many of us – especially Intuitive Empaths -often feel both uplifted and overworked with opportunities to take care of others. In addition, the holidays often present us with relationship challenges "close to home."

Join in this workshop as we combine subtle movement to enhance your awareness and support more refined intuitive skills with complimentary intuitive intelligences:

  • How somatic functions enhance your intuition
  • Exercising somatic support to intuition
  • The functions of the third eye
  • Connecting clairsentience with clairvoyance
  • Practicing your unique clairvoyant and clairsentient flexibility
  • Bringing wisdom to relationship challenges

You can use the concepts, tools, exercises, and practices daily and/or when you experience tension in your holiday adventures!

  • When: December 6th at 6-8 pm 
  • Where: Zoom

Fee: $149

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