Perspectives on Conscious Business

"I believe business is the most powerful pathway to a thriving, conscious planet. As leaders connect their business acumen to their intuition and imagination, new ecosystems emerge, and expansion – even during an economically challenging time – can be realized."

Emotional Intelligence in the Transformation Process

Business Transformation: Emotional Intelligence (1)

Achieving Buy-in

Business Transformation: Buy-in through Emotional Intelligence (2)

Honoring Loss

Business Transformation: Honoring the Changing Culture

Sustaining the Planet Through Intuition and Social Entrepreneurism

Social Enterprise and the Future

Intuition in Business

Intuition in Business

intuition for startups

Conscious Business and Intuitive Leadership in Start-Ups


Conscious Business Trumps The President’s Paris Decision

Four execises

Four Intuitive Exercises that Increase Business Success

Let's Transform You and Your Business

Over the last 30 years, I've facilitated CEOs' and executives' once-in-a-lifetime breakthroughs by helping them access their inner wisdom and intuitive intelligence and partnering with them to make powerful personal and organizational decisions and create conscious business cultures. Whether we start with intuitive readings, coaching or organization-wide transformation, I can help you navigate your most pressing challenges and find clarity in your most important decisions.

Dr. Rowley's Clients

Let's partner

  • Intuitive Coaching supports you to use your power and develop your leadership capacities through the politics of work and the complexities of your personal life.

  • Keynotes and other speaking engagements inspire your organization to practice conscious leadership, to build conscious cultures and to align personal purpose with business mission.

  • Custom workshops support workers to connect to their inner wisdom and power. THey also enhance your organization's innovation, creativity, and decision making effectiveness. 

  • Business Readings are creative sounding boards that offer you personal and professional clarity, as well as strategic business insights into the challenges of transformation. 

  • Personal Intuitive Readings and Healings restore your clarity and grounding, confidence and power especially through the chaos of significant change. 

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