Therese Rowley, Ph.D.

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How Intuitive Readings Work

The intuitive part of the brain does not work in the same way as the logical part. Intuitive data comes in the form of metaphor, image, symbol and story. The brain’s logical function is slower than the intuitive and “catches up” once it is provided sufficient data to meet its logical requirements.

An Intuitive Reading, whether personal or professional, uses intuitive data first, especially in the form of stories. Some people call these stories “archetypes”, some call them “stories from the collective unconscious” and some people call them “past lives.” I call them “your truth wrapped in a story” which helps you gain another perspective on the origin and “why” of your gifts and fears. Once these stories feel familiar or true to how you understand yourself, a part of you releases tension and energetic realignment is possible.

Personal Fee Schedule

90 minute Intuitive Personal Reading: $450

60 minute Intuitive Personal Reading: $315

30 minute Intuitive Personal Reading: $150