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Personal Readings and Healings

The intent of a Personal Intuitive Reading and Healings (Readings) is to bring the light and wisdom of your heart alive for you – especially in times of your deepest and most significant change…times when you might very well lose heart, lose power, or walk away from your life and yourself. Through Readings, these same moments become the passage to your next level of strength and power that leads you to shape a future that supports the self you were meant to express. 

When are they helpful?

Readings are especially helpful in times of significant change or choice points in life when you have questions about daunting challenges, relationships, dynamics, or direction.

What is a Reading and How Does It Work?

A Personal Reading with Dr. Rowley is a soul level reading; its purpose is to connect you with the heart of your creative purpose and/or to release barriers to your sense of peace and your path forward. It is meant to help you be transparent with yourself as it aligns inner passion or desire with outer reality.

How It Works from a Holographic Perspective

For clients interested in how Reading and healing work occurs from a science-based perspective, the following books explain the phenomenon through quantum physics:

How it Works in Practice

Through the sound of your name, Dr. Rowley can discern your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and physical sensations related to the challenge you articulate at the opening of the session. When you provide her another person’s name and your name together, she can also discern why you are involved in a particular relationship and what you are meant to learn. 

Looking at life through a soul-level lens means accessing stories that reveal essential gifts and fears that represent the core of current challenges. Dr. Rowley accesses stories that some call “past lives,” others “archetypes” and still others “stories from the collective unconscious.” Dr. Rowley calls them “your truth wrapped in a story,” and she will not only articulate the narrative related to the places in your body that reveal both essential gifts and how you have applied them in these stories, but also where there is stuck or conflicting energy. She will inform you about how this story is related to fear-based beliefs around which you organize your reality and how your nervous system accommodates those beliefs. Once articulated, new choices are revealed.

Healing energy releases old beliefs and the influences beneath them. In ninety-minute sessions, a visualization is included that embeds life-giving beliefs in your unconscious mind to replace old fears. Unhelpful, unconscious agreements with others are released. You receive energetic alignment of body, mind, and spirit based on your new direction and belief.

Do I have to be present for the Reading?

Readings are equally effective in-person or over the phone. If you are a parent who is having a Reading done for your child, you can call in and say the child’s name. That is all that is required. Dr. Rowley does not see children unless they specifically ask to see her.

Is it okay to record the Reading?

Dr. Rowley records virtual sessions through In-person clients are welcome to record the session on their phones or other devices. ( When using your smartphone recording app, please remember to put your phone on airplane mode so that the recording does not stop if someone calls during the session)

How Much Time is Required?

While the nature of a Reading depends upon the depth of the challenge, the number of challenges, the longevity or intensity of the challenge(s), clients may choose to book:

  • A 90-minute Reading to gain all the benefits described above. 
  • A 60-minute Reading to gain above benefits, without time for the visualization that releases the fears through energetic healing and/or energetic realignment.
  • A 30-minute Reading, for repeat clients with one specific question or decision among several choices.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Appointments may be booked directly through Dr. Rowley’s website at You may also contact Dr. Rowley’s assistant at, and she will assist you in making an appointment.

What is the Fee?

For clients who desire it, Readings may be invoiced as Coaching Sessions, since Dr. Rowley also provides Coaching through Business Readings and Consulting. (See below)

  • 90 minute personal Reading: $450
  • 60 minute personal Reading: $315  
  • 30 minute personal Reading: $150

What are the Payment Options?

Please mail in or make payment prior to phone session. In-person sessions may be paid at the time of appointment. You can pay with cash, check, PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.

  • PayPal payments can be made at email address Please make checks out to Therese Rowley, and mail payment to 2500 N. Seminary Ave., #6E, Chicago, IL 60614
  • There is a cancellation fee of $100 without 24-hour notice, except for emergency situations. 


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