Therese Rowley, Ph.D.

Magnifying Your Power and Presence

Magnifying Your Power and Presence

2018 is a year of expansion. Expansion happens when you are grounded in clear intention and the power of your presence is seen, heard and understood by others with whom you want to connect. How do you build the power of your presence so that you can express and attract your desires and live into your creative purpose?

This webinar offer perspective so that you understand the elements that create a powerful presence and persistent visualization and intuitive practice so you can “be” and make the positive difference in your world that you desire. Below are the ways we will explore and grow your power and presence:

Week 1 – Power comes from staying:

  • in the body
  • in the moment
  • with your feelings

Week 2 – Power comes from detachment from:

  • thoughts   
  • feelings      
  • stories  

Week 3 – Power comes from aligning within your:

  • heart
  • mind and heart
  • mind, heart and ground

Week 4 – Power comes from connection with:

  • self
  • source
  • silence

Week Five – Power magnetizes through:

  • intention
  • attention
  • feelings

Week Six – Power expresses through:

  • belief
  • posture
  • action

Length: 6-Week Webinar

Start Date: Thursdays, April 26, 2018

Time: 7-8:00pm

Fee: $299

Location: Virtual Webinar (Links will be sent out upon registration)

*Recordings available for all participants during and after the sessions

If you have any questions, please email us at