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Intuitive Youth

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Families with Intuitive and Spiritually Gifted Children

An increasing number of children are born with greater awareness and sensitivities: taking on others’ often unspoken feelings; communicating with those who have passed over; feeling burdened when they hear about sad world events; talking about other lifetimes they have had; seeing the future; or being able to sense when others are unwell. Traditional education has no tools to measure these gifts as competencies – and they are not honored as valuable intelligences.

More and more children are “multi-sensory.” They gather information, experience life, and/or express themselves through multiple senses with great intensity.

Many children labelled “learning disorders” are multi-sensory, and often caught in medical and academic frameworks that do not recognize them as gifted or value their differences as gifts.

Dr. Rowley helps leaders whose businesses serve youth with these gifts – both with their leadership expansion as well as strategic business support. The intent is to expand the positive impact of their service. Presentations by Dr. Rowley on Multi-Sensitive Children helps parents to better understand their children’s gifts and expression and support their developmental opportunities.


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