Mapping a New Reality 2024

Join in an afternoon of deep insight, revelation and “Wine and Tea in Community”!

2024 is a pivotal year for rallying our power and determination to be authors of our map of reality, especially as global phenomena such as climate change, artificial intelligence, and political extremism push their way into our personal lives, insisting that we tell a more helpless and powerless story.

In this event, you are welcome into an environment where space is sacred, souls are honored, and trust is woven into exercises, discussion, and personal and group revelation whose outcome is wisdom in community.

We listen deeply within ourselves, learn tools for sustaining our self-honoring, and experience exercises that foster generative dialogue with others. We learn “what wants to happen” and what is emerging that brings a higher perspective as we start 2024

Walk away with greater clarity, purpose, and focus…and quite possibly new friends as we share wine and tea in community!

Early Registration by December 21: $125

Regular: $149

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