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Professional Services

Intuitive Business Reading

Intuitive Business Readings facilitate breakthrough from persistent work challenges, and provide just-in-time context, clarity and insight for strategic decision making. They restore balance both personally and professionally.

Business Readings may address:

• Illuminating personal purpose and aligning it with work
• Determining optimal strategic business direction
• Revealing investor, customer, or shareholder motivation, intent or strategy
• Optimizing strategic partnership choices
• Identifying the best job/position fit among top candidates
• Resolving work and/or relationship conflicts

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Intuitive Business Coaching with Spiritual Direction

When you are going through a period of transformation at work or with work, this Business Package provides a comprehensive resource over a three month period, for gaining clarity for yourself, your family and/or work in the midst of data overload, multiple priorities and pressing demands. Coaching topics may include any of the Intuitive Business Reading topics and more. This package contains:

• Initial 1.5 hour Reading
• One hour of coaching/week for the first 4 weeks
• 30 min/week for the next 5 weeks
• One hour Reading
• Emails in between as desired