Therese Rowley, Ph.D.


Accelerated Alignment Business Services

Accelerated Alignment supports you in finding meaning, wisdom and success at work, especially during times of significant change. We offer educational, personal and organizational services:

Educational Services include keynotes and custom workshops: Using Intuitive Intelligence at Work; Intuitive Leadership; Social Innovation and Impact; Using Intuitive Data for Strategic Decision Making; and The Purpose-driven Workplace.

Professional Services include Intuitive Business Readings and Intuitive Business Coaching that provide you with personal insight regarding your purpose, strategic partnerships, career path, politics at work, or guidance through challenging transition. These services offer you the “you are here” button, providing context and profound insight on the multi-layered map of your current reality. You experience meaningful growth and optimal outcomes.

Organizational Services: Through our facilitated method called Strategic Collaboration and Innovation Planning, you and your top management team co-design solutions involving large group planning, integrating new partnerships and making large-scale strategic decisions for long-term impact.


• Speaking

• Custom Workshops

• Intuitive Business Reading

• Intuitive Business Coaching with Spiritual Direction 

• Strategic Collaboration for Innovation and Planning