Therese Rowley, Ph.D.

Masks of Our True Selves

Masks of Our True Selves

Thursday, October 12
11:45am-1:30pm CT

Masks continue to melt off our national leaders as we learn more about their true intent and where their allegiance lies. October is a month of learning about the masks we wear – the ones we wear that represent who we think we “should be” based on what we think is expected of us in any given role –professional, leader, parent, friend, etc.

Those masks have consequences, from your ability to achieve your objectives and dreams to the feeling of distance or even depression in relationships.

Join Masks of our True Selves to:
• Follow deep guided meditation to meet your masks and find your emerging-self
• Encourage your emerging self to express with greater authority
• Hear Intuitive Reading/Response to questions regarding
• Receive higher vibrational transmission of energy to enhance alignment and self- acceptance

The first five people to sign up for this webinar will have the opportunity to receive an intuitive response to their questions about upcoming choices/direction. After that, we will accommodate as many participants’ questions as possible given the time. All participants will receive the related healing within the group even if time does not accommodate their question.

Fee: $59

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at